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Talkio for Schools

Accelerate your student's oral language skills with Talkio for Schools

  • All the features of Talkio tailored for your school

  • White label solution with custom branding

  • Integrate with your online course

  • Custom content that fits your curriculum

  • Multi-user management

  • AI tutors tailored to your teaching style

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In many classrooms, you, the teacher, are the primary source of native language exposure for your students. Engaging in daily speaking practice with each student would be beneficial but time consuming.

But what if there's a better way to master speaking skills?

Introducing Talkio for Schools

Talkio enables your students to enhance their speaking skills through conversations with an AI tutor, simulating interactions with a native speaker. Students receive targeted feedback on pronunciation, sentence structure, and mistakes, allowing for a tailored learning experience. This approach allows you to concentrate on teaching language fundamentals in the classroom, while students can independently practice speaking in their own time and space.

Woman speaking with AI

Learning to speak a new language requires regular practice and repetition.
The most effective practice comes from conversations with a native speaker.

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