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The ultimate language training app that uses AI technology to help you improve your oral language skills.

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From the team behind Voice Control for ChatGPT

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Built with Advanced AI Technology

Talkio AI is built with advanced AI technology (GPT-4) and lets you interact with the AI through voice to train your oral language skills.

Supports Multiple Languages

We offer a diverse range of language options, including English, Chinese, French, and several other languages.

Premium Voice Technology

Talkio AI offers premium voices and supports multiple dialects for the most popular languages. With our advanced language technology, you can immerse yourself in authentic conversations and gain proficiency in the dialects that matter most to you.

Meet the AI Tutors

Talkio AI has more than 400 tutors with unique artificial personalities
ready to help you on your language journey

  • Sebastian


  • Mayu


  • Ismael


  • Denise


  • Teo


  • Xiaoqiu


  • Davis


  • Abbi


  • Valerio


  • Imelda


  • Jeppe


  • And many more

    Learn with AI Tutors

    Ever wondered how it would be to have a personal language tutor available anytime, anywhere? At Talkio AI, we turn this dream into reality. Our AI Tutors are the perfect companions to improve your oral language skills. Powered by advanced AI technology, they mimic human interaction and conversation, offering an immersive language learning experience that is both engaging and effective.

    Remember, language learning is more than just grammar and vocabulary; it is about expressing yourself confidently. With Talkio AI's intelligent tutors, you can speak, practice, and conquer your language goals!

    Feature Spotlight

    Navigate our suite of features, designed to turn your language learning into an immersive and engaging journey

    Voice Conversations

    Have engaging voice conversations with our AI tutors


    Assess and practice your pronunciation with word-by-word feedback


    Get instant feedback on your language skills, and tips on how to improve

    Multiple Languages and Accents

    Choose between 134 languages and accents to practice your speaking skills


    Choose from a wide range of topics to discuss with our AI tutors


    Save and revisit words learned during training


    Keep track of your progress with streaks to built a habit of learning


    Communicate with the tutor in both your native language and the language you are learning


    Instant translations to support you in your conversations

    Safe and Supportive Environment

    Our web app provides a safe and supportive environment for you to practice speaking with confidence. With Talkio AI you can have meaningful conversations with the help of AI technology, allowing you to gain fluency and express yourself in the language you are learning.

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    Real stories from real users of Talkio AI

    I've personally used Talkio AI to improve my Spanish, and let me tell you, it's an incredible option.


    Talkio AI is a very impressive tool and should be included in every language learner's toolbox.

    One Minute English

    This tool Talkio AI is blowing my mind for language learning.


    Talkio AI - it's an amazing product.

    Master Mandarin on YouTube

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Answers to frequent questions about Talkio AI


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    • Chat with 400+ unique AI tutors

    • Wordbook, topics, role-plays and more!

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