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Talkio for Teams

Enhance your team's language proficiency and workplace communication with Talkio for Teams

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Direct interaction and communication in a native or second language is crucial for efficient teamwork. Regular, personalized language practice for each employee would greatly enhance proficiency but can be challenging to implement widely.

Imagine a more efficient way to develop these essential speaking skills

Introducing Talkio for Teams

Talkio for Teams enables employees to refine their language skills through interactive AI conversations, mimicking real-life exchanges. They receive specific feedback on pronunciation, grammar, and errors, allowing for a customized learning journey. This approach allows fo independent language practice, empowering employees to enhance their communication skills in their own time.

This is beneficial for both the company and the employees, enhancing workplace efficiency and individual skill sets.

Woman speaking with AI

Learning to speak a new language requires regular practice and repetition.
The most effective practice comes from conversations with a native speaker.

Woman speaking with AI

Multi-User Management

Talkio for Teams is tailored for organizations of all sizes, from small startups to large corporations. It facilitates the management of multiple user profiles under a single administrative account, granting employees full access to Talkio's language learning features.

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Ready to take your company's language learning to the next level? Contact us to book a demonstration and have a talk about how we can help your workplace.

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